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A good shower room but also fine to all hardware accessories including screws, stainless steel material should be selected, with high accuracy. Copper and stainless steel accessories are widely used in the shower room. Copper is the most high-end H59 copper plating in the bathroom industry, and the stainless steel is the best 304 stainless steel used in bathroom. Some low end shower rooms are made of low cost aluminum alloy fittings and zinc alloy fittings, and even use plastic to support parts, not only lack of strength, but also easy to wear and fragile.
In the hardware of the shower room, the fittings are made of stainless steel and polished. Compared with Aluminum Alloy, copper, zinc alloy fittings has good corrosion resistance, high hardness, no deformation, long service life, the best 304 stainless steel used in the bathroom, nickel containing 10% components, strong corrosion resistance, is the best choice of material environment and health.
Rubber strip:
The quality of strip is to control the technology quality and processing of raw materials. The shower room door wall glue used in PVC resin powder imported from powder co extrusion molding. Make no matter in cold winter or hot summer, adhesive toughness, aging resistance, high temperature resistance and other physical properties had no obvious change, is currently the best PVC strip, the main anti ultraviolet, cold cracking, strong flexibility, color transparent appearance, long service life, mainly suction the surface is not easy to aging, yellowing and discoloration lamp features. Organ type adhesive tape. The high quality glue strip such as dislocated glue strip and silicone rubber strip can realize waterproof leakage between the fish wall and the movable room in the shower room, and ensure the water tightness of the shower house of the wall.
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