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Customized literacy
Refers to the business behavior of customers to service providers to select services, in line with their own personalized needs.
Wall Customization: nonstandard design
Non standard design, as the name suggests is a non standard size design. According to the requirements of the requirements, without changing the quality of products under the premise of the design of a certain size range, than the design standard size is difficult. Need to have certain knowledge accumulation and certain work experience, can do.
The shower room is divided into positive and non-standard, and non-standard is divided into: normal non standard, abnormal non-standard. The main object is non-standard glass, aluminum, rod, handle, wall clamp, hinge etc..
It is a product with uniform specifications and uniform standards made according to the relevant standards set by the company.
Normal non-standard
Non normal standard refers to the precondition of not changing the quality of products, can be changed in a certain range of shower room glass style or length, width and height of the size and thickness decrease; the handle replacement for other types of handle, pull rod replacement for other shapes.
Abnormal non-standard
Abnormal non-standard refers to change the shower room original accessories standards or use special accessories combination of shower room, including the combination shower room and large glass curtain wall, etc.. Abnormal non-standard is difficult, depending on the specific circumstances, if you need to know the details, you can consult the local stores.
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