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 First, the wall door customers should enjoy free measurement, free design, free installation and other quality services, so that the cumbersome decoration becomes simple, the difficulties for themselves, leaving happiness to the customer!
1, expert consultant: designers and shopping guide personnel should be the role of shower room experts, the design of the pros and cons contrast with the customer detailed communication, and at any time to help customers solve the problems encountered in the decoration.
2, free door-to-door measurement: Wall sent through professional training shower room designers will be free door-to-door for customer size measurement and on-site inspection, to ensure that customers buy the products for the bathroom layout and customer satisfaction.
3, delivery service: all customer wall door, enjoy door-to-door service.
4, free installation: Wall doors provide free installation services, and ensure the installation personnel are trained professional teachers, in order to ensure the correct installation of wall door products and effect (such as: ensure installation glass in a free state without torsion distortion.) At the same time, promised to install the process no longer receive any installation fees or installation supplies costs (such as glass glue, etc.).
Two, wal doors system should provide high-quality standardized after-sales service, just a customer phone: 88317660, that is able to quickly solve the problem, so that customers completely assured!
1, wal company strictly in accordance with the time and content of customer commitment to install and service
2, by professional instructors for customer installation and maintenance, to ensure that every customer to enjoy the quality of service;
3, where the wall door products, the whole three years free warranty, life-long maintenance.
4, all customer complaints, we arrange staff in 48 hours to see home, and make solutions.
5, all the warranty period after sale problem, wal gate company will unconditionally deal with, without any fees;
6, the warranty period after the sale of the problem, the appropriate collection of materials fees, door-to-door service, transportation costs and reasonable labor costs.
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