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 Veolme sanitary products co,.ltd., invites all over the country (except for shop city) successful people to join, sincere cooperation, equality and cooperation to achieve win-win ties with dealers to work together to create a "wall" veolme "brand, improve the common wall door shower room market share, let us better for customers service!
First, join conditions:
(1) have a certain capital strength and market development, management ability, have good marketing concept, willing to grow together with "wall door";
(2) have a legitimate business qualifications and a fixed business place, high-grade local building materials market;
(3): store product display area of 60-90 square meters.
(4) the franchise area: area of 30-70 square meters around the display of products;
(5) the store must specialize in "wall door" products, shall not engage in similar products from other manufacturers;
Two, policy support:
1. Technical support:
(1) the technicians of the company are free to install and debug the products of the new dealer's showroom, and provide product knowledge training to the dealers' installers;
(2) the company's business personnel specialized technical training for dealers, marketing knowledge training;
(3) implementing a unified and effective after-sales service;
2, subsidy support:
(1) according to the market situation of the city where the dealer is located, the area of the exhibition hall, the decoration effect and other specific circumstances, the company gives the dealer a certain decoration subsidy;
(2) the company offers the best support according to the brand and quantity of the dealer's showroom.
3, advertising support:
(1) the company to provide a unified market image planning: franchise stores, franchise area exhibition hall decoration design from the plan renderings, construction drawings, consulting and drawing; in the hall of the small ads, light box, door, veneer, calligraphy and graphic design advertising stickers;
(2) provide product image album, product brochures, leaflets and other services, comprehensive sample;
(3) provide brand penetration terminal system, "China's ten shower room brand" and other quality plaques and materials;
(4) to support large-scale promotional activities, the company sent people to help carry out the work.
4, exhibition support: in the country through the network promotion, media, exhibition publicity, and so on, to quickly enhance the brand image, promote market sales.
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