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 1, the establishment of a comprehensive shop
Support to help shop location, free shop design, sample design, business planning, promotion and enjoy the model, jewelry concessions.
2. Technical training support
Headquarters to design, installation, shopping guide and other links to provide 7-15 days free professional course training, assessment qualified before job, industry personnel on-site guidance, to further enhance the skills of employees.
3, product quality support
According to the ISO quality management requirements, to provide quality products, ensure perfect quality of products.
4, product innovation support
Regular improvement, development of new products in line with the trend, to promote sales to provide a strong guarantee.
5, production and marketing service system support
Wall door customer service center, providing considerate service for our partners: production order acceptance, progress tracking, accounting price, shipment arrangement, customer service visits, complaints, solve all the difficulties in business cooperation.
6. Human resource support
Can provide or assist in recruiting professionals as partners, to help solve the problem of talent. ,
7, store management support
Provide successful management experience, management mode and reduce exploration cost for daily management of franchised stores.
8, marketing planning and supplies support
Provide partners with marketing promotion plan and provide the implementation of the items used to make partners easy to operate brand promotion activities, easier to succeed.
9, publicity and support
According to the local brand promotion plan, the headquarters can provide considerable brand promotion expenses, and headquarters through the Internet, media and other platforms to vigorously publicize the local brand.
10, incentive support
As long as you do well, the door will also provide a wealth of rebate reward, support your development, enhance your confidence, and win the golden future together with the wall.
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