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 1. What is electrostatic dusting?
Electrostatic spraying powder is also called solid spraying, which is made of resin based material (solid powder), which is sprayed on the surface of aluminum by electrostatic spraying, and then is melted and fixed on the surface of aluminum material after baking. It has the advantages of non-toxic, odorless, pollution-free, bright surface color, strong customer selectivity. At present, many products such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, washing machines and so on the surface of the use of this process.
2, gold and silver plating is the color of shower room?
The color of shower rooms such as gold, silver, sand silver, dumb silver and brushed silver is not formed by electroplating process, but is a surface treatment technology suitable for aluminum profiles. Called anodizing coloring. In coloring, if the first polishing surface of aluminum reaches certain brightness, is out of the material is similar to stainless steel, known as silver, if the material surface sanding after oxidation coloring, we called the silver sand; if the material surface after wire drawing processing after staining. We call the drawing silver. Due to the use of this process, the shower room made of aluminum has a metallic texture, so it is very popular with customers.
3. What is tempered glass? Toughened glass why there is explosive phenomenon?
Usually, the glass used in shower room is the toughened glass processed by physical method, that is, the glass is suddenly cooled after heating up to a certain temperature. The toughened glass changed the crystal structure inside the glass, increased the surface hardness, and the impact resistance and bending strength of the glass increased by 3-5 times than that of the ordinary glass. When damaged by external force, the glass is small fragments without acute angle, and the degree of injury to the human body is obviously reduced. But the disadvantage of tempered glass is that if it is not careful to destroy a small part of the whole glass, (including edge, angle), it is not like the ordinary glass only a part of broken, but the whole piece broken.
- tempered glass in the production process, resulting in the uneven pressure will be immediately broken due to some factors; or complete product due to glass pressure inside and outside stress could not and cannot express the average at the time, it will reflect it through product phenomenon in dynamic; or in the peripheral factors, such as the installation of glass the average stress and hard material directly pushes the glass surface will appear the phenomenon of it. So the glass physical tempered will have it there.
4, according to their needs the size order of shower room?
From the shower room door - wall types can be divided into the standard size of the product (see the wall door and customized products (see pictures) wall door products Guide) two categories, from the appearance can be divided into rectangular type (including Affirmative type, rectangular) arc type (including semicircular, round type), diamond type, line screen. In addition to the circular arc products can not be customized, the other types can be selected according to their size and shape of space. But it must be in accordance with the model, the design requirements within the size range. The size of the shower room is limited by the width of the door, it can not be made very small, and limited by the safety, it can not exceed the size limit.
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