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 1. glass inspection:
Glass as the most important shower room, the inspection department will strictly detect the glass, to detect whether the table is smooth, glass has no impurities and measurement size. The original piece of glass is made of silicate (also called silica), quartz sand and other minerals smelt into the door, wall strict selection of CSG glass, quality and security of wall door of shower room. Every step must be fine and standard.
In the selection of shower room glass, in order to ensure the safety of the use of products, the national standard requirements must be strictly tempered glass. Therefore, choose a good glass factory and steel processing plant is fundamental to ensure the quality of the glass shower room, glass wall bathroom door has been asking for is the original piece of glass south of Shenzhen glass factory, advanced equipment in steel Jin Yaohua toughened glass factory to ensure the quality of the glass shower door wall. Unlike some brands do publicity of toughened glass, to know that "specialize in", not necessarily their production must be the best. The wall door adopts the automobile grade toughened glass approved by the national 3C and the European BS6206 standard. The glass has high purity, uniform tempering and high safety factor. In the process of the acceptance shall be the first test by strong light detection, the quality of each piece of glass control effectively.
2. aluminum inspection:
The company uses hardness 13-14 degrees of about 6063 aviation special alloy aluminum, hard and tough moderate and not crisp, aluminum wall thickness of 1.5~3.0mm, its aluminum thickness of 1.2-3.00mm, and even some products 4-5mm is not easy to deformation. All aluminum alloys are quoted in the national standard for 12 hours acetic acid corrosion resistance test and alkali drop test. The wear resistance test and aging resistance test are carried out. The requirement of comprehensive performance of No. 6063 aluminum alloy is much higher than the standard of industrial profile, and its tensile hardness, yield strength, elongation, hardness and other indicators are better than the national standards and European standards.
3. pulley life test:
Priority among priorities to ensure the quality of the pulley type shower room door, wall, pulley adopts imported 304 stainless steel sealed bearings, composed of 12 grains of stainless steel beads made of stainless steel shaft in the core part of the swing, so as to ensure the slidingsmoothly bass and the bearing capacity of the pulley, durable. It can be used normally for more than 10 years after 100 thousand or more continuous and destructive heating push and pull tests.
4. material selection and salt spray test:
As the saying goes, "details determine success or failure, and shower rooms can be said to be the details of the decision is good or bad, a good shower room details of parts and accessories are made of high quality raw materials for manufacturing, wall door with copper is the most high-end sanitary ware industry with H59 copper in the electroplating process, stainless steel bathroom is the best 304 stainless steel. Strictly according to GB5936-86 standard neutral salt spray test (NNS) method, GB5939-86 standard acetic acid salt spray test (AASS) method GB5944-86 standard test.
Anodic oxide film with 12 - hour acetic acid salt spray test, the level of protection level R = 9
Powder spray coating using 120 hours acetic acid salt spray test, the level of protection level R = 9.5
A metal plating with 48 hours acetic acid salt spray test, the level of protection level R = 9.5
By 96 hours of acetic acid salt spray test of stainless steel products, the level of protection level R = 9.5
After 24 hours of acid smoke test, 304 stainless steel containing nickel content of up to 10%, strong corrosion resistance, is similar to the bathroom decoration accessories very good choice.
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