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Shower room

    Product Name:VM3118

    Door opening mode Two solid two live U shower room
    Standard size (900+900+1600)x2000mm
    Standard thickness of glass 8/10mm automobile grade safety toughened glass
    Texture of material Investment casting 304 stainless steel
    Line graph

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The designer's experience of life and his understanding of design created a dream place for urban leisure life. The wonderful life, in space emotion deduction. When minimalism develops to the extreme, it begins to absorb the essence of classicism and develops new features. A kind of sensuous fashion with both decorative beauty and capable temperament is vividly portrayed. The art of simple atmosphere still shines and becomes the eternal fashion in our life. We continue to pursue beauty, art and life. Here, the shape of a product or accessory can also extend the spirit of beauty. Then the perfect product design needs to be achieved through production, from material to die an accurate, precise amount of material from the layout of the body, which embodies our Seiko excelsior work style.
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